Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project
Ducati Hypermotard: Open Dry Clutch.

Y Project: The Video

I got the chance to use my new Camcorder (Sony HDR-TG1) to edit my first video. I came to Cambridge, Ma to meet Ralph Brancaccio who put the “Y Project” up with the Cambridge Arts Council.

The sculptures were move yesterday from the river to four different sites in the City. They will stay in Cambridge (Ma) until april 2009. I will do an other video tomorrow at the new locations.

My first impression with the Sony HDR-TG1 are very positive. I used iMovie to edit the video, which was easy. Ralph seems happy about the result. I published it on my YouTube profile and a smaller version on my Flickr.

I was a little desapointed about the quality of the image on YouTube. I was loosing the HD resolution of the original video. I succeed to improve the quality by adding &fmt=6 onto the end of the YouTube URL. This “trick” make it possible to watch the same video in “high resolution” on YouTube.

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Which application do you use to edit video?

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