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Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project

Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project will open with four sculptures at the River Festival in Cambridge Massachusetts on June 14th.  The Festival celebrates the Arts, a day filled with Music, Theatre, Dance, Poetry, and Art.  Brancaccio will be administering an art activity for the general public.  Participants of all ages will express their own Y issues. 

The aim of The “Y” Project is to promote a greater understanding of social issues through temporary sculptures placed in public space in the form of the letter Y to cultivate positive change over time. The project asks us to reflect on the statement, “Why do we live so comfortably with an imbalance of human equality and irresponsibility?”  New York Foundation for the Arts sponsors it. 

After the River Festival the sculptures will move to four parks around the city and remain until April 2009.  During this time there will be community talks and art education programs.  

Cambridge Arts Council, Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Puffin Foundation as well as private donations fund the “Y” Project. Three types of art objects have been created to assist fundraising; Y Monoprints with a $300 donation, Y Commemorative Glass Piece with a $500 donation, and Y Shadow Boxes with a $1,500 donation. Images can be seen at RalphBrancaccio.com. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  

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